Planned Giving

Fairfield University’s continued growth depends on the generosity of its alumni, parents and friends. Your generosity:

  • Helps us attract highly qualified and motivated students and makes a Fairfield education accessible regardless of financial situation. A majority of Fairfield students require financial assistance.
  • Supports our high standard of academic excellence, from attracting and retaining great faculty and staff, to providing state-of-the-art facilities and research opportunities.
  • Creates opportunities for students in research and involvement in the global community, opportunities to lead and serve others, and opportunities to explore one’s talents and vocation.
  • Improves our rankings. Each gift, regardless of the amount, counts equally in the criteria that many publications – including U.S. News & World Report – use to produce annual rankings.
  • Inspires others to give too.


How Your Gift Helps

Your gifts to Fairfield University help to develop the creative intellectual potential of our students and to foster in them ethical and religious values and a sense of social responsibility. It will provide Fairfield University with the resources to…

How Your Gift Helps
Attract highly qualified and motivated students.
How Your Gift Helps
Support our high standard of academic excellence.
How Your Gift Helps
Create opportunities for students in research and involvement in the global community.

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